Armored Corps

"The man in the tank will win"

This Purim, we adopted the Armored Corps stationed on the northern border.

We want to cover the entire border with Lebanon and Hizballah! 

Let's reach the entire division! for 15$ a basket. Photos of the delivery will be shared with you!

about them

The Armored Corps is the decisive corps in GOC Army Headquarters and bases its power on a combination of mobility, armor, and firepower. During wars, its primary role, on the one hand, lead the first line of the attacking forces and to clear the area of the enemy. Secondarily, it blocks the armor forces of the enemy and seeks to destroy its tanks and armor. During peacetime, it reinforces the Infantry Corps while it performs security tasks, with the tanks serving as mobile bunkers.

Women in the armord corps

The IDF will continue to the next stage of integrating women into the Armored Corps, after Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi saw the potential for women serving as combat soldiers in tanks, the IDF announced Sunday. Shortly before the Supreme Court was set to examine two petitions against the military for its decision to bar women from the corps, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman said the army will continue to examine the possibility of allowing women to serve as combat soldiers in tanks stationed along the country’s borders

Created by Yishai Gelb 

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