Thank you to all our contributors of 2021! We reached soldiers all over the country, from the border of Lebanon to the training bases near Eilat! 

Purim 2022

Barrack Alum Marc Rubin '21 is currently in basic training.  He will then do two months in an army Hebrew course for new immigrants.  His current unit is Michve Alon.  He will not have a permanent unit until April.  He lives on Kibbutz Ein Hahoresh as part of Garin Tzabbar with 36 other lone soldiers.
Our Mishloach Manot will go to Marc's Garin and unit in Michve Alon.

After Purim, Connections Israel will create a beautiful video of the delivery, and send it to Barrack Hebrew Academy in time for Israel's independence day as a token of gratitude for strengthening our robust bridge between Israel and Israel supporters around the world!

Join this year!



Donate any amount of Purim baskets to Marcs Garin and unit, $18 a basket


10 soldeirs

Donate 9 Purim baskets to Marcs Garin and Unit, and the 10th is on us! $162

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