The story of the land

Israel was filled with swamps and deserts throughout the land. When the people of Israel started coming back to the prommised land, the land was transformed in a short time. You will see what comes from the holy land! see what wines Israel produces from its land - what prizes. Be part of this success story. A connection between the people and their land that has been long awaiting for over 2,000 years and the connection between them is alive again. experience what this beautiful land has to offer you!

Glass of Red Wine

Wine tasting tour

You may not know this, but some of the finest wines are made in Israel! Israel has the perfect climate for a veriaty of grapes. Our wine tour will take you to 3 different wineries in the hills of Jerusalem.

Whats included?

Your will visit 3 different wineries in the hills of Jerusalem where you will get a private tour from one of the staff members in the winery. of course you will get to taste the AMAZING wines as well

Why it's so special?

Not only is the wine special, but the private tour as well as the option to have a bus or private car take you from winery to winery. 

Planting a tree 

A long lasting tradition of planting trees in Israel. Israel is one of two countries to go into the 20th century with a net gain of trees with over 200 million being planted in the last 50 years

Whats Included?

We will take you to a location where you can plant any amount of trees that you please. YOU can even chose where you want to plant them!

Whats special?

The meaning behind planting a tree in the promised land is more then just a tradition, but it symbolizes the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, and that we are setting routs in the land, that we are here to stay!

Tasting tour in the Machane Yehuda Market

The Ben Yehuda Market is Israels most famous markets located in Jerusalem. in the market you can find shops, different vendors, merchants, boutique restaurants and pubs as well as the electrifying atmosphere.

Whats Included?

The Ben Yehuda tasting tour includes a private tour with the head of Connections Israel as well as enjoying and experiencing 5 different tastes from different vendors and merchants

Whats special?

The market itself is an experience that no one visiting Israel should EVER miss, but whats special is the private tour and the different tastes that you will experience throughout the tour.

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