The story of love

Throughout the generations we dreamed of this land and never stopped dreaming about it and prayed three prayers a day in Towards Jerusalem and at the end of this battle our dreams came true. No love is greater than that! This is a symbol of love because it is love until death. Do not raise your hands and do not give in for this is boundless love. And the longing for Jerusalem is seen in archaeological excavations and we look forward to the days of tranquility, and we always dream of days of love for all generations, and Jews always wanted to come and revive the landscape by planting trees which today makes Israel just one of two countires in the entire world to enter the 20th centry with a net gain of trees planted!

Massada & the dead sea

A must visit site when you make your trip to Israel - the Dead sea and Masada. Now with the option to go with the Head of Connections Israel for a private tour as well! 

Whats Included?

Leaving from Jerusalem, we will take yo to Masada and to the Dead Sea along with lunch in one of the exotic restaurants near the shore line. 

Whats special?

It's a private tour!​

you can always go by yourself, but theirs nothing like going to such an important site such as the dead sea or Masada without experiencing all that these historic sites have to offer.

Planting a tree 

A long lasting tradition of planting trees in Israel. Israel is one of two countries to go into the 20th century with a net gain of trees with over 200 million being planted in the last 50 years

Whats Included?

We will take you to a location where you can plant any amount of trees that you please. YOU can even chose where you want to plant them!

Whats special?

The meaning behind planting a tree in the promised land is more then just a tradition, but it symbolizes the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, and that we are setting routs in the land, that we are here to stay!

The old city in Jerusalem

When visiting Israel, Jerusalem is a must see! Now you can make the visit and get a tour of the old city and the city of David by no other then the head of Connections Israel!

Whats Included?

A tour of the old City of Jerusalem and the City of David as well as lunch in the Jewish quarters in the old city.

You can demand what you want to see in the old city.

Whats special?

It's a private tour!​

When visiting Jerusalem, their is sooo much history and sooo much to know, your going to want to make sure that you are getting you information from the best, and the best is Modi Cohen, Head of Connections Israel

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