A personal connection to an IDF soldier

The Idea: 

Connect to a soldier!

Tell them what they mean to you!

Tell them how much you support them and love them.

This December we will go out and deliver jackets and letters that people from around the world wrote to IDF soldiers telling them what they mean to them.

Give them a hug as well

Along with a letter, send them a good quality soft shell jacket for the winter. It's like hugging them from far away!


Donate any amount of jackets, 79$ each

Write your letter before you donate the jackets

Do you know a soldier? Lets hug them!


If you know a soldier in the IDF, lone soldier or not and you want to sponsor his/her unit, we will reach him/her for you anywhere in the country!

Leave your information here with us and we can arrange for it to happen!

*Note: the payment is secure and run by PayPal. when sponsoring you can use a PayPal account OR USE A CREDIT CARD under the option "create an account" --> which means paying with a credit card.

To donate via check in the USA: Please make out to: American Friends of Connections Israel

PO Box 59 Suffern, NY, 10901

To donate via check in Israel: Please make out to: Connections Israel

PO Box 28371, Jerusalem, 91283

Created by Yishai Gelb 

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