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The Full Israeli Picture

What Is Geopolitics? And why should you care?


Each and every one of us has an interest in a wide verity of different subject. Some of us enjoy reading about food, some about politics, some about culture, and others about religion. Geopolitics is a combination of many different characteristics of reality that help explain the relationships between countries. By definition, geopolitics at its core is the balance of power between states struggling for hegemony or survival based on objective measures.  In order to help explain this relationship of power between different states, one must consider many components such as a countries geography, demography, culture & religion, type of regime, economy and many more. By building a puzzle of so many components, we can tell the geopolitical story of each country. That is what ill be doing for you. I will be building that puzzle for you.

The reason you should care about Israel’s geopolitics can be many. If you are an Israel supporter, your understanding of Israel’s geopolitical situation can help you understand what you read in the news. Understanding Israel’s geopolitics is taking a bird’s eye view 30,000 feet above the ground to be able to see the larger picture.

Using current affairs to paint a picture of Israel’s geopolitical situation, my weekly papers will both educate you on Israel’s foreign policy, what Israel’s impact is in the Middle East and around the world, and what your countries impact on Israel is. The focus of the pieces will be on Israel’s influence in the Middle East, Israel’s place in the future Cold War between the USA and China, as well as Israel’s special relationship with the United States and its effect on global affairs.

Starting January 2022, I will publish a weekly article to Connections Israel for you to read and enjoy. Stay tuned!  

Written by Yishai Gelb

Project Manager at Connections Israel,

VP at My Tree in Israel

Student at the Department of International Relations in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

The Full Israel Picture

Get an debth analysis about Israeli geopolitica affairs around the world



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