The story of Culture

What is amazing here in Israel is that the people of Israel are made up of so many tribes ethnisaties and shades of people. We returned from exile and everyone brings their culture and special traditions. We are also blessed by having the Arabs and Druze culture and special tastes and it all creates an amazing culture with a combination of smells. You see it in the market when there is so much delicioush foods and during the Shabbat meal with the special food's. And of course in people creations there is so much singing and unique art that draws its power from so many sources!

Machane Yehuda market tasting tour

The Ben Yehuda Market is Israels most famous markets located in Jerusalem. in the market you can find shops, different vendors, merchants, boutique restaurants and pubs as well as the electrifying atmosphere.

Whats Included?

The Ben Yehuda tasting tour includes a private tour with the head of Connections Israel as well as enjoying and experiencing 5 different tastes from different vendors and merchants

Whats special?

The market itself is an experience that no one visiting Israel should EVER miss, but whats special is the private tour and the different tastes that you will experience throughout the tour.

Meet an Israeli artist

Get the chance to meet one of Israel's artist. from art to music and poetry as well

Whats included?

This is completely up to you. it can be a meeting just with the artist or a private tour with the artist 

Why it's special?

Meeting one of Israel Artist's is a window into Israel's sole. find out what lies behind Israel's rich culture!

Graffiti Artist
Outside Dinner

Shabbat meal with an Israeli family

A shabbat meal with an Israeli Family is definitely something that is worth the experience. Dine with a traditional family in Jerusalem on a Friday night Shabbat meal.

Whats Included

A Friday night meal where you will dine with a fully prepared meal and a lovely family in the heart of Jerusalem. 

Why It's special

There is no better way to get to know the deep long lasting tradition of the Jewish people then to experience what a Shabbat meal feels and looks like with a REAL Israeli Jewish family

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