The Story of Our Culture

Amazing Israel is made up of many ethnicities and shades of people - but bound together by a common faith and love of the land.

Experience Israel through:

  • A tasting tour in the shouk - Jerusalem's main market

  • Meeting one of Israel's many great artists

  • A Traditional Friday night meal at an Israeli family's house

The Story Of Our Land

Israel was a land of both swamps and deserts. When we started coming back to our promised land, we transformed it in a short time. You will see what comes
from our amazing land today!

Experience the story of our land with:

  • A wine tour of the wineries in the hills surrounding Jerusalem

  • Planting a tree in the hand with your own hands

  • Tasting the fruits of our land on a tasting tour of the shouk - Jerusalem's main marketplace

The Story of Love & Dedication

Throughout the generations we have dreamed of this land. We pray three times a day towards Jerusalem, our Holy City... and now our dreams have come true.
Millenia of dedication given reality.

Experience Israel by:

  • Touring the old city of Jerusalem... and think of our ancestors that walked in this city that they loved then and we love today

  • Visiting Masada and the Dead Sea... and think of our ancestors who fought and died for the land and for freedom

  • Planting trees in this lovely land... just as our ancestors did then

A tasting tour adventure, a traditional Friday (Shabbat) meal with an Israeli family, and meeting an Israeli artist!

The story of our Culture

An adventure to experience what our land has to offer, including a unique wine-tasting tour in the hills of Jerusalem, a tasting tour in the Jerusalem
market, and planting trees to feel a true connection to the land.

The story of our land

An adventure ranging across the land of Israel. Start with Masada, continue to the Dead Sea with lunch on the water. Continue to the old city of Jerusalem
and finish by planting trees in the hills of Jerusalem.

The story of love and dedication

Created by Yishai Gelb 

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