The Story Of Culture

What is amazing here in Israel is that the people of Israel are made up of so many tribes ethnicities and shades of people.

Experience Israel Through:

  • Tasting tour in the Jerusalem Market

  • Meeting one of Israels great artists

  • Traditional Friday night meal at an Israeli families house!

The Story Of The Land

Israel was filled with swamps and deserts throughout the land. When the people of Israel started coming back to the prommised land, the land was transformed in a short time. You will see what comes from the holy land!

Eperience the story of Land with:

  • A wine tour in the wineries in the hills of Jerusalem,

  • Tree planting in the hills of Jerusaelm

  • Tasting the fruits the land has to offer on a tasting tour in the Jerusalem Market

The Story Of Love

Throughout the generations we dreamed of this land and never stopped dreaming about it and prayed three prayers a day in Towards Jerusalem and at the end of this battle our dreams came true. No love is greater than that!

Eperience Israel by:

  • Visiting Massada, the dead sea,

  • The old city of Jerusalem  

  • Plating trees in the lovely land of Israel!

An adventure in the Ben Yehuda market's tasting tour, A traditional friday night (Shabbat) meal with an Israeli family and the chance to meet an Israeli artist!

The story of Culture

An adventure in Israel ny experiencing what the land has to offer. A unique wine tastingt tour in the hills of Jerusaelm, A tasting tour in the Jerusaelm market and traditional tree planting.

The story of the land

An adventure in the land that is loved by the nation of Israel. Start with Massada, continue to the dead sea with a lunch on the water. Continue to the old city in Jerusaelm and finnish with tree planting in the hills of Jerusaelm.

The stroy of love

What stroy are you interested in?

Created by Yishai Gelb 

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