Planting trees is apart of our culture!

Israel is one of 2 countires in the world that enterd the 21st centry with a net gain of trees!

Planting A tree in Israel is a tradition that will NEVER get old! plant trees in Israel for just 19$  a tree!

Plantin tress for Tu-Bishvat

Tu-Bishvat is the time of year where all the children of Israel go out and plant trees in Israel.

Tu-Bishvat is the time where we deepen our roots in the land of Israel and strenthen the bond and the promiss that

we are not going anywhere!

we are here to stay!

we are here to live!

we are here to prosper!

we are here to do good in the world!

celebrate Tu-Bishvat and plant trees in Israel for just 19$ a tree!

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To plant a tree via check in Israel: Please make out to: Connections Israel

PO Box 28371, Jerusalem, 91283

To plant a tree via check in the USA: Please make out to: American Friends of Connections Israel

PO Box 59 Suffern, NY, 10901

Created by Yishai Gelb 

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