Olive Grove

Olive Trees

Symbolism of Israel's roots in the Holy Land

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The olive tree was discovered ALL around Israel over 6000 years ago. The tree is mentioned in the bible numerous times and was used in the temple to light the Menorah.


One Of Seven

The Olive tree is one of the Seven Species Praised in the Land of Israel. Seven fruits and grains mentioned and praised in the Bible as typical of the land of Israel.

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The olive tree’s branch is a universal symbol of peace and appears in different places such as: in the IDF’s logo, In the IDF’s ranking system, in the emblem of the state of Israel and it’s police force.


Connection To The Land

The olive tree has the ability to deepen it's roots In the rough soil of Israel – a symbol of the Jewish People being able to deepen their roots in the land.

Today, There are olive trees that are over 1000 years old!  There is no symbol that expresses the connection to the land and the land of Israel more than the olive tree.

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plant a tree

Plant an olive tree i an Israeli farmers olive grove. The olive trees are planted during the planting season at the end of the summer

Adopt an olive tree

Create Your Private Brand Of Israeli Olive Oil From The Holy Land. By adopting an already existing tree in a farmers olive grove, you are promoting Israeli agriculture and strengthening Israels 

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As a gift

A great idea for your friend's birthday, anniversary or as a holiday gift.  Imagine their face when they see their name on their bottles! 

in memory of a loved one

Have your loved ones memory live on in the land of Israel & have their name on your bottles of olive oil

for your family

Your brand of olive oil from your adopted tree in Israel

For a Bar/bat Mitzvah

A great idea for your Bat/Bar Mitzvah project

Imagine giving out your branded olive oil to your guests at your party