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Why We Exist

Israel is a young country established for the purposed of being the Jewish homeland. Israel can only exist so long the Jewish nation world wide feels connected and apart of Israel and its ever evolving story. Therefor it is important to constantly keep the relationship between Israel supporters from around the world and Israel strong. Connections Israel is a non profit dedicated creating a unique and personalized connection between you and Israel through the Israeli Defense Forces.

Our Programs


Hanuka and the IDF

For the holiday of Hanukah, we go out to soldiers across the country and deliver letters written by Israel lovers from around the world who wish to let the IDF soldiers know how they feel and that they are praying for them from far away. The letters are delivers along with the traditional holiday doughnuts that the soldiers love so much!


Purim and the IDF

During Purim, schools, communities, Synagogues and individuals all connect to IDF soldiers or IDF units and give them Mishloach Manot and a letter of recognition. Purim is our most popular program of the year with thousands of participants from all over the world!

An Emerging Power

Coming soon!

Get in depth analysis of Israel's role around the world as an emerging regional power. Israel in the middle east, Israel and the USA, Israel and east Asia, Israel and Africa..

Azrieli Towers

Upcoming Project



The IDF soldiers never rest, no pandemic slows them down! Hanuka is the holiday where we celebrate the light that shines during the darkest days of the year. Lets be that light for our IDF soldiers!

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