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War For Israel

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Our next mission:

Exciting news—I wanted to let you know that we're continuing our support for the two units near the Gaza Strip that we visited at the start of the war.

These units are on the front lines, tackling logistical challenges and clearing the way for foot soldiers in risky missions. Last time, we delivered winter supplies, and now they're using them to brave the rainy season.

They've reached out for some specific equipment crucial to their missions, and we're on a mission to raise funds and get it for them. Our plan is to purchase the gear and head down to meet them at the Gaza border by Hanukkah, bringing along the traditional doughnuts.

Every bit of support makes a real difference, and your contribution can play a significant role.

War For Israel (1).jpg

War Portal

Visit our new War portal with info on the war, from data, analysis, myths debunked and more!

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Israel's at War

Israel is facing one of its most challenging wars since its independence in 1948. Israel is fighting for it's existence. Israel is fighting for Western civilization.

A donation to Connections Israel (US TAX DEDUCTABLE) will go towards the support of the security forces and victims of war.

Our next project is getting special equipment to the soldiers in Gaza

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