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War For Israel

Since the beginning of the war, Connections Israel has visited hundreds of bases, outposts, lone soldiers, and units on all fronts, delivering essential equipment, heartfelt letters, delicious food, and much-needed morale boosts. Our incredible work is made possible by the unwavering support of Israel supporters from around the globe. Check out a few videos of our latest activities and see the impact we're making together:

BBQ near Gaza

Hanukah Event

Purim Project

Join our mission to uplift the morale of IDF soldiers by organizing BBQs, providing essential equipment, sending heartfelt letters, and offering much-needed assistance. Our dedicated efforts ensure that these brave men and women feel appreciated and supported as they protect Israel on all fronts. Together, we can make a significant difference in their lives by showing our gratitude and solidarity.

Uplift Our Heroes: Supporting IDF Soldiers

Donate Now to Support Our Soldiers

Help us continue this vital project. Your contribution will directly impact the well-being and morale of our heroic IDF soldiers.

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