Are activity is project based, meaning that we raise funds and donations per project and not for our general activity. Here are some of our projects that we would love your support in.

Our fleece project's has been going on now for over 7 year. In the beginning of every winter we work towards getting good quality jackets to soldiers and lone soldiers throughout the different combat units. 

Fleece project

We always strive to have a budget that we can use to help out lone soldiers who don't have a community or family member to look out for them

Lone soldiers fund

Every Purim, we go around different bases and give out gift baskets and letters that kids and people write to wish the soldiers a happy holiday!

Purim Project

Plant an olive tree in a farmers land in Israel. Strengthen Israeli agriculture and deepen your roots in the land of Israel this coming year!

Plant an olive tree

Created by Yishai Gelb 

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