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Thank you to all our contributors of 2023! We delivered baskets and letters to soldiers in the Navy and lone soldiers all over the country. See the video production of this year's delivery and some photos below.

Purim 2024

For Purim 2023, Connections Israel will adopt units in the Israeli navy in Haifa! Our long-lasting tradition is to connect schools, congregations, synagogues, and individuals to the IDF by giving Mishloach Manot during the holiday of Purim. Every class, individual, or community can connect with an IDF unit during Purim by sponsoring the Mishloach manot that we will deliver to the soldiers. We encourage everyone also to write a special letter which we will give to the soldiers with your Mishloach Manot.

After Purim, we will create a beautiful video of the delivery and send it to every school, community, and individual in time for Israel's independence day as a token of gratitude for strengthening the robust bridge between Israel and Israel supporters around the world!

This year, we will put together Purim baskets with healthier treats for the soldiers.

Join this year!



Donate any amount of Purim baskets to IDF soldiers this Purim, $18 a basket


4 soldiers

Donate Purim baskets to 4 soldiers.


Unit of 30

Donate 25 baskets to a unit, and we will cover the last 5!


Platoon of 90

Donate to a platoon of 80 soldier, and we will cover the remianing 10!

Sam on soldier's shoulders.jpg

Lone Soldier

Do you have a lone soldier in the IDF? reach her/his unit this Purim. Contact us and lets arrange it!

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