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The story of a lone soldier

A project designed to teach us and tell us the story of lone soldiers here in Israel. Their struggles, what they left behind and what kind of future they are building for themselves. A great opportunity to show the youth living outside Israel what its like to be a lone soldier! 

What is the Project?

Connecting groups of students who are majoring in theater throughout the
country to lone soldiers. Each group produces a short film about the lone

The purpose of the film

Tell the story of the lone soldier. 

  • Why he chose to move to Israel

  • His/Her service

  • The different difficulties

What do we do with the films?

After all the films are ready, we hold an event where we  project the films to the 
public towards the end of June. At the end of the event we give out prizes to
the best film. 

And then....

The films are then sent to the lone soldiers communities for them to show the members
and students. The idea is for the youth to be inspired by the lone soldiers and follow in
their footsteps and deepen their connection to Israel.