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Due to the rising terrorism claiming the lives of Israelis in Jerusalem and additional locations, the Border Police decided to establish a new unit that will be composed of fighters from the elite units of the IDF, the police, and the Shin Bet The new unit will be called 'Trigon', and will operate with 24/7 availability.


As the equipment stays in their homes ready for immediate usage they need to get the best equipment possible. Unfortunately, it will take a long time for the government to pass a budget for equipment and yet equipment is needed ASAP.

Therefore they are beginning a significant financial drive. The immediate need is to purchase quality equipment which includes bulletproof vests and helmets the total cost for the 120-person unit is 460,000 shekel (approximately $120,000).  

Our goal is to raise the funds to purchase the equipment for the entire unit. We would deeply appreciate your contribution to help keep the streets of Israel safe for all. Spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

To donate by check, please make out to:
American Friends of Connections Israel
Address: P.O. BOX 185 OAKLAND, NJ 07436

Please send an email to office@connectionsisrael if you send a check so that we know to use it for Trigon

US Tax Deductible: 501(c)(3) Employer ID #26-4147225
Connections Israel. Israel Non-Profit (Amuta) # 580479400.

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