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Connect to Israel from far away

Welcome to Connections Israel

Israel is a young country established for the purpose of being the Jewish homeland. Israel can only exist so long as the Jewish nation worldwide feels connected and a part of Israel and its ever-evolving story. Therefore it is important to constantly keep the relationship between Israel supporters from around the world and Israel strong. Connections Israel is a nonprofit dedicated to creating a unique and personalized connection between you and Israel through the Israeli Defense Forces.

Recent Activity

War in Israel

Israel is facing one of its most challenging wars since its independence in 1948. Israel is fighting for it's existence. Israel is fighting for Western civilization.

A donation to Connections Israel (US TAX DEDUCTABLE) will go towards the support of the security forces and victims of war.

Our next project is getting winter supplies to the unites around Israel.

Purim Project

For Purim, Connections Israel collaborats with units fighting and protecting the country. Building upon our enduring tradition, we aim to foster connections between schools, congregations, synagogues, and individuals with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) through the distribution of Mishloach Manot during the Purim holiday.

Upcoming Project


Coming Soon!
Stay tuned!

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