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David Hunt

David Hunt is on Connections Israel as a board member and principal advisor. He works to promote Connections Israel's many activities with a focus on 
driving donations - especially for our Purim project.


Modi Cohen

Modi Cohen is the founder and Director of connections Israel.

Modi founded Connections Israel with a dream to connect the Jews and Israel lovers around the world to Israel.

With many years of successful projects under his belt, Modi now continues forward with the famous Purim Project.

Yishai Gelb

Yishai gelb

Yishai Gelb is project manager at Connections Israel.

Yishai Joined the team in 2016 and has headed All projects involving soldiers, lone soldiers and community engagement.


Connections Israel was founded in 2001 to bring support to IDF soldiers and Israeli society, since then our organization has brought tens of thousands of support packages from overseas to support Israeli soldiers and society, brought support to IDF servicemen and women from overseas, and directed over a thousand people on educational missions throughout Israel.

1. Aiding servicemen and women from abroad by improving the infrastructure in Israel (living situation, adoptive families, meals, advice and support, aid in finding employment and housing after service)

2. Improving services and resources available to those serving in Israel (additional volunteer opportunities, counseling, electronic resources).

3. Actively seeking volunteers to join the Israel Defense Forces from abroad

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